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Ponddy Online HSK Courses is perfect for all students who aim to take HSK tests. Our experienced teachers use AI-powered learning platform and tools to supplement so that you can master everything you need to tackle the desired HSK level faster and easier. Check out course descriptions and details below for the course that suits your need!

HSK 1-2
HSK 4+
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the course format?
All classes will be lived online with Ponddy instructors. Teachers will conduct the class via Zoom and incorporate Ponddy's online interactive learning materials.
2. What textbook do you use?
We use HSK-aligned learning material available on Ponddy's AI platforms. No additional textbook purchase is needed.
3. Will there be homework after class?
Yes. Students will be guided to use the AI platform, Ponddy Reader, to complete and submit homework. The platform contains learning tools such as exercises and readings.
4. What is the refund policy?
Our goal is to help you excel in your learning goal and gain the skills needed to tackle HSK, after purchasing the course, you can still apply for a full refund within the first 2 sessions.