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Ponddy Smart Learning Products & Services

Ponddy Reader is an AI platform that optimizes online teaching methodology for teachers and resolves Chinese literacy problems for learners. The platform can instantly transform Chinese texts into Pondlets (leveled interactive lessons) and has a huge online library of 800+ leveled content with AI language tools, learning resources and interactive exercises.

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Ponddy Tutors is a ACS WASC approved online Chinese courses provider. We offer innovative online courses that combines personalized online tutoring from native speakers with AI-based learning tools for a efficient and enjoyable learning experience. The courses come in all levels from beginning to advanced level for learners aged 9 and above.

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Ponddy Smart Textbooks is an online learning platform enabling teachers to create and customize curricula by simply selecting thematic learning modules (Pondlets) which come with text, vocabulary, grammar, language scaffolding tools, and gamified exercises. Teachers and students can track progress with real-time analytics.

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